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Who is
Josh Dillon?

Josh is a rebel whose cause is traditional Western values, a theme that echoes in his music and the stories he tells. Of his maverick personality, Josh says: '60% of people like me, 30% don't, and 10% will do just about anything for me.'

Originally trained on the classical violin, Josh picked up a six-string at age 12 and never looked back. However, it wasn't until about age 16 that Josh found country music.

'I remember being in the shower and literally getting out to restart 'Lightning' (Eric Church) and not being able to comprehend that music could make someone feel that way. I think that's when I truly fell in love with country music and the stories they told.'

In his early 20s, Josh explored various jobs, including cabinet making, framing, irrigation, landscaping, and moving. While intermittently spending time as a volleyball coach, Josh attended several university programs, ranging from English to Business to Education.

All that, just to prove that Josh has always had a heart for music.

      "It ain't about the money you make when a record get sold, Its about doing it for free cause it lives in your soul... That's damn rock and roll"

                            - Eric Church

'When asked, "Who would you consider your musical influences?" he mentioned, "In terms of the music, John Mayer and Hans Zimmer. In terms of the show, Mötley Crüe. In terms of the voice, Chris Stapleton. And in terms of the songwriting itself, it's got to be Eric Church."'


In 2020, when the world shut down, Josh resolved to devote himself to perfecting his playing skill, his voice, and his songwriting.

The result is what you will find if you explore this website or listen to Josh on Spotify, performing original songs like 'God Bless Country Girls,' 'Drinking Whisky With the Devil,' and 'Redneck Barbecue.'

Josh has appeared on stages such as Ranchman's Cookhouse in Calgary, Twin Cities Saloon in Longview, Thirsty Armadillo in Fort Worth, and most recently at the Calgary Stampede, performing in front of several thousand people at the Cowboy's Music Festival.

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